Artist Statement

Suze Bienaimee: To Look… To See…

Painting is nonverbal. Please look, but if you like to read before you look, let me take a few words to help you see.

My technique? It’s my own creation and like all art, my art is about much more than technique.

The task of art is to relieve the monotonous quality of life — to reach for something true outside of ourselves; I want my art to give you, the viewer, something to take with you in your daily life, create a vibration, have a dialogue with you. Communicate.

I address this using paint, canvas, brushes — artist materials used through the ages — plus one more timeless substance — gold. My execution includes deeply-layered underpaint or staining, surface glazes, overpaint and varnishes in varying opacities, tints, colors and yes, the gold leaf. I like the play of light on the gold — the living quality the gold takes on. A larger world above and beyond the visual comes into the paintings — a vibration, a spirit, a creative dialogue is established.


Time and information travel quickly; meaning travels slowly is unseen. I ask questions of the unseen — your transformation as a viewer — your inner vibration.

Please quiet my words and yours. Begin to breathe in deeply and breathe out. Perceive these paintings in other ways.


– Suze Bienaimee

(Suze Bienaimee is pronounced: Suzi Be-in-AH-may)


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