For Suze Bienaimee, featured artist:

I saw your show. Your work is very intelligent.
        Arthur C. Danto, Art Critic for The Nation, 1984 to 2009, in a letter to the artist. 

Just a note to tell you how satisfied we are with your painting in our conference room. It is highly original and filled with the warmth and depth of texture that one finds when living with a fine painting.
         Altria Group, New York City Headquarters

The paintings are reflective, I don’t just mean the gold reflects light — they are thoughtful. The patterns have human spirit.
        Private Collector, New York City

The concepts are coherent and the execution exciting.
        Collector, Sapporo, Japan

The gold leaf catches the light. That quality is fascinating because a painting can change in the passing of an hour.
        Artist, The New York Times

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